Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hearing Hope

To anyone - girl - boy - man - women-
who has never fit it
who doesn't look like everyone else
who doesn't sound like everyone else
who has or is struggling with insecurities... I hear you

I hear you at night
when you wonder when the pain is going to end
I hear you in the day
when you wish someone would just hold you
I hear you in the times
that you want to give up
I hear you in the moments
when your tired of being lonely

I hear you
as you wonder why you father left
I hear you
as you contemplate the things you could have done to make him stay
I hear you
as you blame yourself for not being loved
oh i hear you

and in the bleakest moment
and in the silent times
you struggle
and you want to be like everyone else
you want to fit this mold that has been created by society? your parents?

you always want to please someone else
you try opening yourself up and making friends
but to no avail.

I hear you because
our stories are the same
and I pray that our stories will end the same

Because now I hear a still small voice
telling me that I am beautiful
telling me that I am loved
telling me that I am an overcomer

I hear Jesus on the cross
taking my shame away
taking condemnation away
taking guilt away

I hear hope!
I hear peace!
I fill Joy!

A joy that enters the very core of my existence
a love that makes me white as snow
No more pain
No more loneliness
No more!!!

I have Jesus that sticks closer than a brother that will never leave me nor forsake me.......
I hear.......Him

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