Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sept 11

I think it is interesting...

we remember those who have fallen; and rightfully so

on the other 364 days of the year-- what are we doing to make our lives better though

we treat each other with such disdain

but Sept 11 comes - and washes the stains?

the people that were enemies

are now contemporaries.

we smile and fawn and act politely

but in our heart we hate them and not slightly

we pretenders! we false prophets

as crocodile tears fall from eye socks

we who use Freedom to justify war

so what exactly is worth fighting for.

Selfish. Silly. Stubborn

we search for Freedom like buried treasure

but Jack Sparrow is in movies; there is no gold to measure

but we hunt for Freedom like a prized deer

and forget those we hold dear.

there has to be a solution! Freedom has to be attainable

I'll tell you. Freedom. by Jesus - indelible

so let us remember the fallen

and have cause to no longer be so sullen

because He lives let us face tomorrow

and be forever free- in Him -from now- till every morrow

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